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Midwest Contour Crate


Midwest Contour Crate - Versatile, Light-Weight, Great for Traveling, Unbeatable Value, With Two Door Versatility!

iCrates are cost effective and model-for-model they are lighter and less expensive than the other Midwest wire crates; you get more crate for your money and combined with the Double Door flexibility are a great choice.

Note: the lighter weight is because the wire used to build the crate is thinner and spaced further apart than other models. iCrates are suited to calm and well-behaved dogs, so if your dog is particularly active, or you believe he'll try to escape, then we suggest that you consider another Midwest wire crate, such as a Life Stages Double Door model.

If the 2-Door iCrate suits your situation and your dogs temperament, you'll be delighted to learn that it is feature-packed and designed with great attention to detail. In fact your iCrate should last the lifetime of your pet, providing your dog with the comfortable and secure den that she desires!

Two Door Convenience
The Double Door construction allows more flexibility in placing the crate in your home. With a Single Door crate, the crate must be placed to allow you to access the end door only. With an additional door on the side, the Midwest iCrate Double Door can be placed in the corner of a room, say in a location that would cover the end door, but leave the side door available for entry and exit.

This is a particular benefit on the larger crates, for people with limited space who will need more options on crate placement, or if you want to place the crate sideways in the back of your vehicle.

Folds Easily, No Tools Required for Easy Transportation and Storage
Because the crate folds, you can can take it with you when you travel, and combined with the lighter weight (relative to other wire crates) it is particularly suitable for people who need the security of a wire crate while traveling with their dog.


22 x 13 x 16, 1 to 12-lbs
24 x 18 x 19, 11-25-lbs
30 x 19 x 21, 26-40-lbs
36 x 23 x 25, 41-70-lbs
42 x 28 x 30, 71-90-lbs
48 x 30 x 33, 91-110-lbs

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