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Yellow Jacket Wettable Sulfur II

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket® 90% Wettable Sulfur II

Yellow Jacket Wettable Sulfur powders are formulated by blending dispersants and surfactants together and then milling to a very fine particle size. They can be applied as a spray or dust. Dry milled sulfur has been used in pesticide applications for over one hundred years. Our Yellow Jacket® agricultural sulfurs promote environmental responsibility by organically ridding ornamentals, flowers, vegetable, fruit, nut, and field crops of fungus, molds, and mites. Several forms are available.

Formulated as Yellow Jacket® 90 Wettable Sulfur II, this product is used primarily as a fungicide or miticide. Wettable sulfur can be applied as a ground spray or aerial application. Poultry houses can be rid of depluming mites by applying Yellow Jacket® Wettable Sulfur II as a spray to all interior surfaces. These products are registered by the EPA and certified for organic use under the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP).

Plant and animal nutrient, soil amendment, pesticide, catalyst for solar energy utilization, soil nutrient availability. Water penetration in soil. Fertilizer efficiency, protein quality, forage utilization by animals.

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